Nonprofit Training for Raiser’s Edge

Raiser’s Edge (RE NXT) Consulting

When you purchased Raiser’s Edge (otherwise known as RE NXT), you made the right decision! Now let’s take the next step of optimizing your Raiser’s Edge database to help you achieve your fundraising goals and objectives. Whether it’s through one-on-one staff training, consultation regarding the strategic use of all areas of Raiser’s Edge or redesign of an existing database, I can help take the pain out of the process. I listen to your needs and provide expert advice on how to proceed with even the most challenging projects.

Temporary or long term Database Management

The oversight of your Raiser’s Edge database is a vital component of your success with Raiser’s Edge. Whether it’s because of staff turnover or a leave of absence, the sudden loss of your Database Administrator or your key Raiser’s Edge personnel can be challenging for organizations. I can help with your temporary or long term database Administration needs. I can step in quickly to help you keep your fundraising projects on track.

Raiser’s Edge (RE NXT) Audits

Sometimes getting started is hardest part of successful database management. If you aren’t sure what needs to be done or where you should begin, an Audit is often a great first step. I review your database from top to bottom and provide you with a full written report outlining potential problem areas in your database, data integrity issues, underuse of key modules in Raiser’s Edge, and suggestions for redesign of your database. Using this report, we can then work together to develop a plan of action to bring your Raiser’s Edge structure in line with your fundraising goals and objectives.

Custom Report Building

Raiser’s Edge provides a host of reporting options to meet your fundraising needs. Sometimes, organizations need additional reporting options. When this is the case, there are a number of good options for custom reporting including Crystal Reports, Power BI, and Excel power tools. If your staff are spending many hours outside of Raiser’s Edge compiling statistics for your Board of Directors, Executive Director or volunteer leaders, it may be time to think about creating custom reports. I can offer options for on-demand and regularly scheduled custom reports.

Design and Restructuring

Database clean-up can be challenging and time consuming. Why not leave it to an expert? After listening to your needs, I can help you develop a plan of action and then provide the needed expertise to help you make global changes to your database. Whether it’s your Addressee/Salutations, Attributes, or Constituent Codes, a carefully coordinated database design will allow you to produce the data you need without the need for extensive work outside of Raiser’s Edge.

Policy and Procedure Manual

Regardless of the size of your organization, every Raiser’s Edge database benefits from the existence of an update-to-date Policy and Procedure Manual. I often hear from organizations that they simply don’t have time to draft these important documents. I can help you create or update your policies and procedures to ensure that you don’t overlook the important step of documenting your use of Raiser’s Edge or key procedures.